Sacramento Regional Transit

Sacramento is fairly walk-able and has a very robust public transportation system. I took it the entire time that I was in town and never felt that I needed a cab or car. I was also very impressed with how easy it was to purchase a fare pass. Some public transport systems make it impossible to get around without using cash or tracking down an information booth in a random part of the city to buy a pass. Sacramento uses an app called RideSacRT which allows you to purchase a single ride fare or a daily pass directly on your smart phone.

Sacramento Regional Transit Map

Not only is this super convenient, it also works on both trains and buses. This makes getting around Sacramento without a car as simple as possible. It seems that most public transport systems outside of huge cities are geared toward locals and commuters, I think that the Sacramento Regional Transit system was by far the easiest one to understand, navigate and pay for from a tourists perspective. I hope more cities adapt these types of technologies and take a lesson from Sacramento when it comes to lowering the barrier of taking advantage of public transportation.


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Sacramento Regional Transit Map: CountZ at English Wikipedia [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons



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