Sacramento History Museum

Sacramento History Museum

The Sacramento History museum is located in Old Town and provides a glimpse into the rich history of California’s state capital. It’s a fairly sized museum and offers tours of the infamous old town underground which resulted from the cities attempts to curb flooding damage by literally raising the entire city. Sadly, I was not able to make it on one of these tours.

They had a really neat exhibit of old Sacramento Bee things.

Old Sacramento Bee Equipment

Printing Press

Headlines from the devastating 1989 earthquake

They also had some gold. Naturally, what would a California museum be without some gold.


There was an entire section dedicated to the agricultural contributions that Sacramento and the surrounding area makes to the state.

The upper level of the museum was dedicated to the history of the redevelopment efforts around the city. Most notably the redevelopment of old town. I mentioned previously that this museum painted a rosey picture of redevelopment while the Sacramento Renaissance book did an excellent job covering redevelopment from the perspective of the human cost associated with it.

The Sacramento History museum is located directly next to the California State Railroad museum. The latter is much more impressive and tends to overshadow the former. However, for $6 admission its a great deal and an interesting place. If I ever made it back to Sacramento I will be sure to check out the tours of the underground.

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