Sacramento California

What better way to kick off the capitals project than by visiting the state capital that is closest to me.

Trip Dates

October 9 – October 10 2016

How I got there

I got to Sacramento from San Francisco via the Amtrak Capital Corridor corridor train.

How I got around

Sacramento, especially the downtown area, is fairly walkable. I mostly walked around but I also took the lovely Sacramento Regional Transit when needed.

Where I stayed

I stayed at the Citizen Hotel in downtown Sacramento.


What I did

I arrived in the afternoon and grabbed a late lunch at Fish Face Poke bar. Afterwards I went to an amazing used book store called Beers Books and picked up a couple of local books. I walked around K Street and made my way back to the Hotel. I found out that a band was playing that evening so I made my way over to Starlite Lounge and saw the Blue Oaks play.

The next morning I woke up and had breakfast at the Grange Restaurant. Afterwards I took at our of the Capitol Building and walked down to Old Town Sacramento. I visited the Sacramento Museum and the California Railroad Museum. I grabbed lunch at the Delta King (on a boat!) and then made my way back to the Amtrak station for the ride home to San Francisco.

What Was the Fuss?

Although it is the last place that most people would visit on a trip to California, Sacramento is a beautiful city with a very rich history. It seems that every few decades it attempts to reinvent itself. While I was there it felt like everything was “Coming in 2017”. I look forward to returning in a few years to see what the new face of Sacramento will look like.


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