Red Iguana, Holy Mole!

Red Iguana Outdoor Sign

I stopped by Red Iguana for dinner on Friday night since it was claimed to be the one of the best restaurants in Salt Lake City and I was not disappointed.

The waitress was magical, I ordered the “Classico” Margarita and she told me that it was disgusting, “too sour”, and brought out the following gem instead.

Naturally, I had to try the mole that makes Red Iguana so famous. When I asked what the best mole was, my waitress brought me a sample plate of 7 different kinds.

Mole Sampler

They were all delicious but my favorite one was the one in the middle. I still have no idea what it is made of because it was not on the menu and I didn’t catch what it was when I asked the waitress. In any case, a few minutes later I indulged in mouth watering and tender chicken soaked in this mystery sauce.

Chicken Mole

Red Iguana was one of the best Mexican dinners that I have ever had. Apparently Guy Fieri agrees.


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