Patricia and Shawna at Rhythm & Rye

Rhythm & Rye

We had such a great time meeting up with local folks in Indianapolis that we put up another Facebook ad for our Olympia trip hoping that someone would be kind enough to talk to us. This is how we met Patricia. We originally scheduled to meet for dinner at a local Oyster restaurant. Both Yuri and I fell asleep after our morning at Mt. Rainier and completely missed our scheduled time to meet for dinner. We felt horrible, but rushed over to Rhythm & Rye to see if we could still meet briefly and apologize in person.

We finally met and after profusely apologizing we started talking about her perspective on Olympia. She moved back to Olympia after spending many years in Hawaii. She missed the big trees and couldn't be happier living in Olympia now. Her friend Shawna was also very well traveled and ended up staying in Olympia as well. We had a great discussion and Shawna has actually lived in many of the state capitals so we shared some interesting stories.

At Rhythm & Rye we watched a local cover band called "The Lady Drinks Whiskey" play. They were amazing. The lead singer performed an amazing rendition of "Crazy" by Patsy Cline, and belted out a version of "Piece of My Heart" that would make Janis Joplin proud.

Piece of My Heart Cover from Lev Lazinskiy on Vimeo.

Patricia gave us a great list of place to check out, including our new favorite Tumwater Falls. I want to give a heartfelt thank you to Patricia for taking the time to tell us her story and share some great tips for places to check out.

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