Old Town Sacramento

Pony Express Statue

One of my favorite places in Sacramento was old town. It attempts to recreate the Sacramento that I read about in “Sacramento Chronicles: A Golden Past” and is the byproduct of the redevelopment efforts that were featured prominently in the Sacramento History museum and covered in “Sacramento Renaissance”.

This part of town recreates the 19th century Sacramento waterfront. It is full of shops, restaurants, and various attractions such as the Delta King, the historic Eagle Theater, Sacramento History Museum, and the California Railroad Museum.

Old Town Sacramento

In the book Sacramento Renaissance, when the author discussed how old town came to be he made an interesting observation about the nature of the project. Rather than attempting to freeze time like historic towns like colonial Williamsburg, Old Town Sacramento attempts to give a tribute to the past while still creating a functional space for modern usage. I think it does a great job at doing that.

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