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I recently migrated Tralev from WordPress to Ghost. I have always been a fan of Ghost, but one day while looking around for a new theme for this blog, I came across the wonderful Hit the Road theme in the Ghost Marketplace which prompted the switch.

I could not be happier with this theme. It has a lot of neat features like showing the weather in various cities, and maps for various locations. It feels like a lot of love and thought was put into this theme. In addition, I was super impressed with the developer because I reported a bug with the Yahoo Weather integration and he shipped me the fix within two hours.

The migration was a bit painful, since there are a ton of images on this blog. But after two weeks, I am happy to say that the entire blog has been officially moved over. One major downside to wordpress is that by default there is no great way to sanely manage a large number of photos and videos. This is also true in ghost, so during the migration I set up Flickr and Vimeo which allows for easier categorization of content.

I signed up for the hosted option, and am happy to both support the Ghost team and no longer worry about running my own server so I can focus on editing photos and writing about my travels.

In addition to moving over to Ghost, we now have a web presence in other places as well. I finally set up a dedicated Twitter account for Travel so I no longer have to spam my followers who may not care about my posts. We also now have Facebook, and as mentioned above, Flickr and Vimeo.

Now that the move is officially finished, I am excited to get back to sharing my travel stories. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the new theme.


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