Fish Face Poke Bar

Octopus Mural

I tried Poke for the first time while I was in Sacramento. I was wandering around the downtown on my way over to Beers books area and came across the historic R street district which had a neat little market called Wal Public Market which contained a couple restaurants, a record store, and some hipster trinket stores.

Poke; an interesting dish that is made with raw fish. Its Hawaiian ceviche, and is absolutely delish.

Mouth Watering Poke from Fish Face Poke Bar

Fish Face Poke Bar is an interesting restaurant concept. It reminded me of a burrito shop except everything was raw fish. I tried tuna with a side of brown rice, it was delightful! In addition to the delicious food, they also had a really awesome mural on the wall of an octopus.

If you like sushi, and a refreshing lunch that will fill you up but not make you feel bloated then I would highly recommend checking out Fish Face Poke Bar.


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