Firkin & Fox

Firkin & Fox

The last place I visited in Carson City before returning back to San Francisco was Firkin & Fox restaurant for Lunch. This restaurant is located in one of the oldest and most distinctive buildings in Carson City. It is right below the St. Charles Hotel which was built in 1862.

The interior of the restaurant is very charming and casual. The booth seats are bright red and comfortable. I had a salad and a perfectly cooked bacon cheeseburger with fresh cut fries for lunch.

Burger at Firkin & Fox

One fun fact about this place is that in the game American Truck Simulator ,which features various cities in the Western United States , there is a nearly perfect depiction of this building in the game. For trademark purposes the title of the hotel is "St. Thomas" and the name of the restaurant is "Freaking Coyote" but it was great to see a familiar landmark in the game.

Firkin & Fox is a great place to grab lunch if you are exploring downtown Carson City. It has great food, friendly service, and a pleasant atmosphere.


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