Delta King Restaurant

My final meal in Sacramento was on an old big wheel river boat called the Delta King. This boat, along with hundreds of others, used to make its way up and down the river between the Bay Area and Sacramento. These days, this historic boat is permanently parked on the river in Old Sacramento and acts as a restaurant, hotel, and banquet space.

The entrance to the restaurant has an elegant wooden staircase that leads to the dining area. Inside there is a small bar, some tables, and deck side seating on all sides.

Delta King Staircase

I ordered fish and chips (to make Gordon Ramsay proud) and tried a local light beer. I sat on the deck and enjoyed a nice view of the river and listened to the tourism hustle and bustle in old town.

Delta King Fish and Chips

The lunch was delicious, the service was prompt and courteous, and I was on a boat. What more could you ask for from a lunch?


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