Clark Planetarium and “A Beautiful Planet”

Model Earth at Clark Planetarium

I’ve never been to a planetarium, so I was excited to learn that there was one directly across the street from the hotel where I was staying. The Clark Planetarium offers free entry and they have a handful of exhibits that explore our planet, black holes, and space in general. They also have an IMAX theater and a traditional planetarium dome where they do light shows and other exhibits.

I watched “A Beautiful Planet” on the 3D IMAX. It is a short film that follows several astronauts on the international space stations and showcases awe inspiring views of earth from space. The international space station is a magnificent testament to what we can accomplish as a human race when we work together. The film has conversationalist undertones and shows the impact of climate change as viewed from space.

Other than the screaming children running around everywhere, the Clark Planetarium is a wonderful place and definitely worth exploring if you are ever in Salt Lake City.


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