Chicken, Waffles, and Beer at Avenues Proper

Chicken and Waffles at Avenues Proper

On my last night in Salt Lake City I went to Avenues Proper for dinner. Avenues Proper is a local restaurant and micro brewery that specializes in "elevated pub fare". It was a bit out of the way from any public transport so I took a death defying Lyft with a woman driving the hell out of a Kia Rio.

The restaurant had great reviews, but when I arrived I was the only person there. The interior is tastefully decorated and creates a very calming atmosphere. I was greeted and seated by a friendly waiter.

I tried a cup of their chili which was excellent and of course got a glass of their house brew. The beer was light and refreshing. For dinner, I ordered chicken and waffles. It was amazing. The chicken was perfectly crisp and the dish was topped off with a runny egg.

Proper Brewing Co. Beer Glass

The slow night came to an end as I was wrapping up dinner when a party of around 20 people arrived and rearranged all of the furniture much to the chagrin of the manager.


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