California State Capitol Building

California State Capitol Building

Sacramento’s Capitol Park is an awe inspiring place that is full of reminders of the city’s rich history and importance in the development of the western United States. The centerpiece, of course, is the capitol building itself. I picked up an excellent book in the gift shop of the Capitol building that was a part of the “Images of America” series. Sacramento’s Capitol Park shows images of the capitol building through its various phases of construction and remodeling. In addition it has a brief section that discusses the history of the capitol itself.

In the early days, when California was still a part of the wild west, the capitol moved around several times before finally finding its home in Sacramento. Unlike many other capitals that happened to be in strategic locations and made logical sense from an economic perspective, the citizens of Sacramento had to fight a pretty contentious battle in order to finally get Sacramento to become the state capital. The completion of the Capitol building solidified the role of Sacramento for the next century.

California State Capitol

The Capitol building itself functions as both the house of state government in the upper levels for both the governor and state legislature. The lower levels are a museum that have exhibits of the old offices of the various state offices. Beautiful Redwood trees line the paved sidewalks of the capitol grounds. One of my favorite features was the display boxes lining the halls of the first level of the capitol that showcase the best of each county.


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