Blue Oaks at Starlite Lounge

Sacramento has a weekly free paper called the SN&R, in between all of the adult entertainment hotlines and marijuana ads, there was an events section that featured the Blue Oaks playing at Starlite lounge. I checked them out on Sound Cloud and decided to head over to Starlite lounge. This was my first time to a live performance in quite some time.

Blue Oaks at Starlite Lounge

A few bands opened for the Blue Oaks. First was a local duo called Like Wine Like Water, they only played a handful of songs but all of them were great. Next up was an instrumental progressive rock band called Ebb Tide. They were followed by a rockin’ trio called North By North. North by North was awesome, I loved the energy that the lead singer put into his music.

The main event was the Blue Oaks. Their music is chill, captivating, and mesmerizing. It was the perfect way to end the evening. I picked up a vinyl single (even though I have nothing to play it with) from the swag booth. I captured a few short videos and made a compilation of some of the songs.

Blue Oaks at Starlite Lounge Sacramento from Lev Lazinskiy on Vimeo.

Overall, I am glad I went out and explored the local music scene. The venue was nice, I had an awesome conversation with a photographer that was taking pictures that evening. Everyone I met at Starlite told me that I looked familiar. I hope to see all of these bands play again soon.


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