Best Burrito in Olympia

Olympia Burrito

After hanging out with Patricia and Shawna at Rhythm & Rye we went out foraging for food. There are surprisingly a large number of choices, that are not fast food chains, for late night dining in Olympia. Quality Burrito received high praise in "Olympia" the book so we decided to check it out.

The menu was standard Tex-Mex fare. We got guacamole and chips, a quesadilla, and of course a burrito. As we were ordering our food we were warned by our waitress (for the second time during this trip) that we were ordering way too much food. She was definitely right. We did not leave hungry.

The decor inside is very funky. Along the walls there are hundreds of photos of people pretending to eat random things. From the common, to the silly, the outright horrifying the photographs lining the walls are something worth seeing in their own right. The food is just icing on that cake.

I think Quality Burrito really exemplifies what Olympia is all about. Most of the capitals that we have visited have art museums and history museums that concentrate all of the culture into a few buildings. For whatever reason, Olympia lacks both of these but makes up for it by having history, art, and culture spread out in surprising places all over the city.


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