Artisan Hipster Coffee in Sacramento

If you visit most coffee shops in San Francisco and order a regular coffee, you will likely wait for a few minutes but then be rewarded with a delicious, freshly ground pour over. It seems like San Francisco is not alone when it comes to hipster artisan pour over coffee. I had the pleasure of visiting several different coffee shops. Each one of them was better than the last without an industrial coffee maker in sight.

Temple Coffee Exterior

Temple coffee was a very neat space that was close by to the Citizen Hotel. It had an industrial look, played chill tunes, and the coffee was all either pour over or french press. I tried the pour over and it was delicious.

Insight Coffee Roasters was directly behind the Citizen Hotel. It is a very calming place with minimalistic artwork lining the walls. It seems like an excellent place to sit down with a cup of coffee and cram for an exam.

Insight Coffee Exterior

Insight Coffee Interior Artwork

Insight Coffee Interior

There are a handful of other coffee houses that I did not get a chance to visit. It is refreshing to see a town that is serious about its coffee. My only regret about getting used to pour over coffee while living in California is that it makes it very difficult to drink anything else.


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